Red Dog Progressive – Wagging High

NetEnt has always been a forerunner when it comes to providing games that are out of the ordinary. The game is available for play in both the land based and online casino formats with the video version favoured by even more number of gamers due to its easy accessibility.

About the Game
Shuffled cards are dealt from a standard deck of 52 cards that does not contain any jokers. The game is usually played on the blackjack table, but the card table layout is quite unique to the game. The game boasts of excellent graphics and 3D effects that give the players an experience quite similar to that of land based casinos.

A player is dealt three cards in each round. Two are dealt face up and the middle card is dealt with its value face down. The player has to bet if they think the third card will carry a value that will fall within the spread, the values that will fit between the two cards.

Spreads of 4 to 11 pay even money. However, spreads of 1, 2 and 3 pay 5:1, 4:1 and 2:1 respectively.

The game stands apart from other run of the mill ones, as the player does not have to compete against the house. Rather, the win is based on the bet, which the player makes, on the value difference between the cards, which is being dealt. A player gets a bigger reward with a bigger bet. If the value of the 3rdcard is in between the value of the two cards, then the player wins the round. If the two cards that are dealt are of consecutive values,the game is then considered to be a tie. While if the values are similar to each other, the player gets a payout.

The minimum bet is €0.10 and the maximum is €100. As the name progressive indicates, the winnings from each round of the game can be effectively rolled over to wage in consecutive bets.

This exciting, fast paced and innovative game is a favourite amongst casino goers. Though the game has lost some of its followers in land based casinos, it still reigns supreme in the online version. It is a simple and easy to follow game, and is quite different from other similar card games.

PaiGow Poker

If you are looking for a game that is slower paced than Blackjack or Craps, and wish to spend longer hours gambling rather than betting and/or losing money quickly, then Pai Gow Poker is right for you. Once your comprehension of poker basics is clear, then you will begin to warm up to this version.

The Basics

This game uses 52 cards plus the one joker, which is used as an Ace or in the completion of a flush or any straight. The joker is referred as a bug, and acts as an Ace, unless it is used in filling out a flush or straight. This implies that you can end up having 5 Aces, which form the best paying combo in Pai Gow.

After placing the ante and wager, the dealer rolls the dice to know who gets to be dealt the cards first. Each player will then be given 7cards, which they will use to create 2 distinct poker hands. The players will each place 5 cards in the Highest Cards area, while the other 2 are placed in the Low Cards area. The 5-card hand should be the hand that is the highest scoring. If you place it in the low area, you will be disqualified immediately.

To get any wins, both the highest as well as the second highest hands should be better than those of the dealer. If you or the dealer each wins a single hand, it becomes a tie (known as a push) and no one wins or loses their bet.

The Banker
An interesting twist in this game is that any of the players can be the banker, and when that happens, other players compare their hand with that of the banker’s. A banker gets to win all ties, and pays winners from their individual pocket while collecting any lost wagers. However, the casino will still get 5% commission from winning combos, as is the case in Baccarat and Mini-Baccarat.

Each player will compare his/her hand to the banker’s hand. If both of your high and low area hands beat those of the banker, then you will be paid the winnings. If one of your hands beats one of the banker’s hands, it is considered a push and you will get the chance to recover the amount you wagered as an ante and the double wager as well. If the banker’s hand wins in both or one of the card areas, then you will lose your bet amounts.

Oasis Poker Pro

NetEnt the casino gaming giant has developed Oasis Poker Pro as an adaptation of Caribbean Poker. This game will pit you against the dealer with just two 5-card hands in competition in every deal. However, with Oasis Poker Pro you will be offered the draw function that is characteristic of traditional computerized poker titles, as well as the chance to increase your bets on a strong hand.

Oasis Poker Pro dispenses with other players, bluffing opportunities, and multiple betting rounds common in traditional variants of table poker. However, it is different from the majority of titles in computerized poker, which make payments based purely on the strength of the hand of each player. You will need to beat the dealer to win a prize. So in essence Oasis Poker Pro is a cross of computerized and table poker that is optimized for fast play.

The Basics
When you start out, you must place an ante between €1 and €40. You will be dealt with 5 cards that are face up, while the dealer also gets 5 cards but with only one card showing. At this point, you can choose the number of cards you want to discard and draw replacements that can hopefully complete flushes and straights, among other high value combinations.

You do not need an extra bet during this round, thought this also depends on the quantity of cards up for replacement. After making your decision, you can judge the final cards against those of the dealer. You can choose to fold and lose your bets, or call, after adding to your stake and doubling the ante bet.

The Pay Table

One of the unique features of Oasis Poker Pro is that when you fold, the dealer’s hand is discarded without it being revealed; you will never know whether or not your hand was stronger. If you call, the dealer’s hand will be revealed and payment made on the stronger one.
However, the dealer needs to first qualify with their hand, which means the inclusion of an A or K or some better combos. If the dealer fails to qualify, then your bets and stakes are returned to you and you win even money on the amount you placed for the ante bet. If the dealer does qualify, but you happen to have a stronger hand, you will win even money on the amount you wagered on the ante bet, as well as an amount for your specific winning combo that is determined by the pay table. In the case of a Royal Flush, this will be 100 times the amount of the call bet.